Maasai Made: Product Launch Soon!

Well I haven’t posted anything in weeks! Been busy busy and didn’t really have much to post.

I’ve done a couple a projects I will post in the coming weeks BUT the most major is…
Maasai Made: The Kenya Project

                 Maasai Made: The Kenya Project Logo

Maasai Made is a project initiative that is taking place at Marymount University. The objective of this project is to make hand-made crafts available to the public for purchase. The jewelry is made by a very talented tribe in Kenya, the Lturoto.

Profits from the sale of these pieces go directly back to the tribe. Their craftsmanship and talent is evident in the range of designs that are available. When you purchase from Maasai Made you are making a statement to all those who see and know you. It says you appreciate exquisite and one-of-a-kind jewelry. It reflects that you have a global outlook Made you are making a statement to all those who see and know you. It says that you appreciate and enjoy crafts from another culture. It inclusively states that you want to help support the amazing talent that this tribe has to offer the world.  

Great work should not only be praised, it should also be rewarded and with the Maasai Made project that is the ultimate goal.

This Thursday (11.18.2010) is the launch date. I will post more designs later.

 Maasai Made postcard

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