Canvas Wine Contest: Voting Live

Ginnefine: Finalist: CanvasWine Contest

Online voting is now open to the public from now until the day before my birthday (October 15th 11:59pm ET). Remember I am in the Cabernet Sauvignon category, so get your votes in. You have to vote for 1/3 in every category; there’s only 3 so it isn’t time consuming. Only thing is for verification make sure you enter your email, name , and zip. And of course last but not least…..

The Final Artwork
The idea behind this design is to show the wine’s deep, sensual persona. The colors are dark yet release a sense of vibrancy. In a modern sense, the depth of the piece comes from the grapes rhythm and distance within the eye. The concept of the composition was to create an interesting visual distinction from the other wines. To enhance the final design I decided to incorporate digital text. Having the contrast of fine art, structured text presents a unique exterior creates a timeless sense of individuality.
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