As you can see I brushed up things a bit; never permanent of course. This will be up a while, or until I get tired of it!
Tonight: L4D2 developer’s choice mutation so none of that is new…booo. BUT I think I’ll try out the ‘2 Evil Eyes‘ map weeks late! I might have played an older version just not the final Valve has embraced. It’s about time they started checking for custom maps some are ridiculous.
Bleeh back to school already…well at least summer didn’t go by as fast as it could have. Ready as I can be for school, though I don’t feel like moving stuff…who does?

Portrait of my nephew

Hopefully, I finish up some paintings before I go back.
<————- Almost done, well the mouth haha….the whole head is there but just working on it a lot.
I still have the Canvas Video to finish up too; only a couple minor additions then I’ll be done. Will post when I finish, most likely today.

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