L4D 2: Mutation Week 17

As much as I love playing L4D 2, the mutations sometimes are lackluster. Literally, some are just mods that anybody could set up their server to do. Most of the time the mutations are campaign only mode which handicaps it since people (I) mostly play in versus mode anyway.

This week’s mutation is:
–courtesy of the official l4d blog
Iron Man
No respawns, no restarts, no ammo, all tension! Did you vote the Mutations are too easy? Try this one on Expert. Realism rules are in effect. There are no respawns in the map. There is no ammo. If your team wipes, you need to restart.

Seems meh… nothing really too special, aside from no respawn and back to start. We shall see…
It was more fun than I expected. We played Dead Center. No respawn was interesting, but playing with two genius bots, Nick fell casualty to the witch. If/when everyone died, we literally went back to lobby, not even a simple campaign restart which was funny. Having no ammo wasn’t bad at all, seeing as the random weapons placed throughout the map were still present. I.E. just melee everything but boomers.With realism on it was a bit more interesting, but game play was pretty normal for campaign mode.

Hands down funniest part was tank spawn at the safe room….at the end of the map of course.

Literally in the door frame, A.I. tank is crazy.
I don’t see myself playing this more than once but it was fun to try. 

Back to versus!

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